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Group Classes
Wholistic Hound Academy's group class registration is open. Register now for Agility classes with 5-time U.S. World Agility competitor Tracy Hirsch. Beginning Agility, Contacts and Weaves, and Introduction to Nose Work with Tricia Lude, CPDT-KA, Advanced Nose Work classes with Heidi Meinzer, CPDT-KA, Puppy and Good Dog Classes with Jenny Brawley, CPDT-KA, and Puppy, Teenager, Good Dog. and Agility and Sports Foundation Classes with Sandy Modell, CPDT-KA, Owner and Head of Training at Wholistic Hound Academy. Class sizes are small which enables more individual attention as well as a less distracting atmosphere.  

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Agility Novice/Open Handling
Geared for teams that are competing or preparing for the Novice and/or Open Level. Learn from top U.S. World Team competitor Tracy Hirsch on proper handling techniques, how to efficiently navigate a short course and course type sequences, while maintaining your dog’s drive and excitement. The overall goal of this class is to develop and improve your team handling skills, obstacle performance, and speed. 

Prerequisites: Dogs must be competing or ready to compete at the Novice and/or Open Level and be proficient with all equipment or has instructors permission. 

Agility Excellent/Masters Handling
Geared for the Excellent/ Masters and above level teams that are ready to take that next step up. Learn from top U.S. World Agility competitor Tracy Hirsch to become an efficient agility team with your dog. This class will focus on refining your current skills and includes: Masters level course analysis, individualizing handling systems, drill work to sharpen various skills, tight turn work, refined obstacle training, and learning the best way to handle individual situations on short sequences. 

Prerequisites: Dogs must be competing or ready to compete at the Masters Level and be proficient with all equipment.

Beginning Agility
Building on foundation skills, this class will teach basic obstacle performance and handling skills and communication between dog and handler. Dogs will become proficient at producing their strong targeting behavior to the hand and target on the ground with contact equipment. Teams will be introduced to handling using one jump work, cone work, and jump grids along with continuing with exposure to other agility equipment such as tables, tires, and tunnels. Whether you want to compete or not, this is a great class to learn new skills with your dog and have lots of fun doing it!

Prerequisite: Completion of Agility Foundation class or permission of instructor.

Contact and Weaves
Building on a solid foundation, this class is designed to help the dog and handler team perfect their contact and weave performance. Dogs will work on becoming proficient on the dog walk, A-Frame, and teeter through the use of games, conditioning exercises and plank work as well as the contact equipment.  Weave training will start with the 2 x 2 method and progress to include channels and approaches from jumps and tunnels. Also appropriate for experienced dogs who would like to go back to basics to build better contact and weave or troubleshoot contact and weave performance.  Build confidence and drive while teaching your dog to do weave poles and contacts with enthusiasm and precision, right from the start!

Prerequisite: Beginning Agility Class or permission from instructor

Agility and Dog Sports Foundation
An introduction into the basic concepts needed in agility and other sports. Impulse control, body awareness, focus and drive are some of the topics to be covered. Designed to teach dogs and handlers the foundation skills required to start agility training or a refresher for those with some agility skills who need to increase motivation, focus, and being an amazing other half of the human-dog team. 

Prerequisite: ​Good Dog 101, prior training with Wholistic Hound, or permission of instructor. Dogs should have the following basic foundation skills: sit, down, stay.

Introduction to Nose Work
- For dogs 5 months and older
Nose Work is a fun-filled sport and training activity that was created by drug and explosives detection professionals. It is based on our dogs' amazing sense of smell and their love of searching and hunting. By encouraging dogs to use their natural scenting abilities and to excel in problem solving during the search, this sport builds confidence and focus, provides lots of mental and physical stimulation, while creating a deeper relationship between you and your dog. This class builds foundation skills and drive to hunt for a target odor leading to a successful and fun searching experience.
Find out how truly amazing your dog's nose really is! Nose Work is perfect for dogs of any age, size and personality. 

Classes are structured so that dogs work one at a time in the search area. To accomplish this and to allow you to observe the other dogs in class, it is helpful but not required to crate your dog during class. 

Prerequisite: No prior training required. Dogs must be able to handle confinement in their car or crate when not working. While reactive dogs are welcome in Nose Work classes, reactive dog owners should contact Wholistic Hound Academy for instructor approval prior to enrolling.

Intermediate K9 Nose Work®
This course is for dogs who have already been exposed to birch, but who may not have yet taken an Odor Recognition Test or competed in K9 Nose Work®.  Dog and handler teams will be exposed to searches that will prepare the teams for travel classes and competition.  We will also introduce the dogs to anise and clove, or strengthen the dogs’ odor obedience to those odors if they have already been introduced.  

Prerequisite:  Dogs must be on birch and have already taken Introduction to Odor and Exteriors/Vehicles on birch. 
Advanced K9 Nose Work®
This course is for dog and handler teams who are already competing in K9 Nose Work®.   We will vary the topics covered based on the teams’ level of experience, with an emphasis on foundation skills.

Prerequisite:  Dogs must be on birch, anise and clove, and be competing in K9 Nose Work®.

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Refund Policy:  Wholistic Hound Academy aims to provide the highest quality training program for our clients and their dogs. By enrolling you are reserving a space in one of our courses. Our class sizes are limited to ensure quality. Therefore, our office must be notified at least 10 business days before the class begins for any transfers or refunds (minus a $25 processing fee). We regret that we are unable to refund enrollment fees once class has commenced. All refund requests must be made in writing & emailed to our office at or by calling us at (703) 962-6335. If your dog is unable to attend due to an injury or illness during your course, you will receive a 50% discount towards a future class. If we cancel a class, you will receive a full refund. Please carefully consider your schedule, commitment to training, and your dog before registering for class.


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