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NEW! Jump Start Puppy

Get your puppy off on the right paw by getting started in Jump Start Puppy sessions!

These learning, enrichment and socialization sessions are specially designed to start working right away with you and your puppy on the immediate issues of:

  • Nipping and Biting

  • Crate Training

  • Housetraining

  • Walking on Leash

  • Puppy Socialization and More!

We provide your puppy a safe and comfortable place to explore, have essential enrichment opportunities, socialize with other young puppies, and interact with different humans, all supervised by our puppy behavior experts. Enrichment, through exposure to novel objects, sounds, textures, noises, etc., is critical during your puppy's sensitive socialization period (3 weeks until about 14 weeks). Starting as early as you can will help your puppy build confidence and lifelong social and foundation skills.


Experienced and certified professional trainers versed in training good behaviors and addressing those "bad" but very normal puppy behaviors will be available to answer questions and discuss important puppy training advice and tips. As you watch your puppy play and interact with other puppies during the session, you will learn valuable information about puppy play styles, appropriate and inappropriate play, and dog body language. Helpful puppy handouts are available to take home with you. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!


Our Jump Start Puppy program provides:

  • Safety:  A clean and sanitized space.

  • Positive Associations: Friendly and positive interactions with other puppies and people.

  • Training: Building life skills and identify, prevent, and modify fearful and aggressive behaviors.

  • Supervision: Our expert instructors directly supervise all puppy play.

  • Exercise: You’ll have a tired puppy! A really, really tired puppy!

  • Convenience: Centrally located, fully air-conditioned/heated, free parking.

Register online. Closed after 6 puppies sign up!  We want you and your puppy to have a personalized and positive experience.  These are individual sessions, however, you are welcome to register for additional dates.

Waiting for your Puppy Kindergarten class to start? Sign up now for Jump Start Puppy so you can get started right away while waiting for class to start.


Prerequisite: For puppies 8 - 20 weeks of age.

Vaccines: Please enter online or bring to the session proof of the first Distemper and Parvo vaccination given at least 7 days before attendance in the class and proof of negative fecal. Please keep your puppy home if he or she is sniffling, sneezing, coughing, has a runny nose or shows any other signs of illness! 

Please note that your puppy does NOT have to have a RABIES vaccination to start this class if he/she is not yet old enough to have received their rabies vaccine. Please enter an approximate vaccination date in the registration field.

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