Wholistic Hound Academy -  "Positive Training - Powerful Results!"
Join us in our Celebration!! 
Dog and kid friendly event!

New Fall-Winter classes are now posted!
New Puppy classes and Good Dog manners and life skills series are just some of the upcoming classes being offered.

Enroll now in our upcoming
Recalls that Rock! workshop starting Saturday, October 14. 
Only a few slots left. 
3-sessions jam packed with techniques that make coming to you fun and exciting. We will teach you how to build a really reliable recall so your dog will come when called, when you ask them the first time! 

Do you want a dog that is a joy to live with?

 Wholistic Hound Academy can help you get there!


Join us in welcoming Janeen Hair, Agility Instructor and Competitor, to the 
Wholistic Hound Team. 

Janeen strives to help her students improve their skills and develop a lifelong enjoyment of training with their dogs.

Tuesday, October 17, is the third Tuesday in October, and that means, it's 
Tracy Day! 

Amazing and enthusiastic U.S. World Agility instructor Tracy Hirsch, will be at the Academy cooking up a fabulous advanced handing and skills workshop that you won't want to miss. 
 Drop-In slots open for Novice/Open and Masters/Excellent.

Tracy is back to share her knowledge and  teach you skills to improve performance and teamwork on the course.

Tuesday, November 21 and on December 19 

Washington Area's Premier Canine 
Training and Learning Center for 
People and Their Dogs

Welcome to Alexandria’s premiere, state-of-the-art canine training and learning academy! Clean and bright, with professional, highly trained, certified and experienced instructors who are passionate about teaching people how to communicate effectively with their puppies and dogs, prevent and solve behavior problems, and build a lifelong relationship and stronger bond with their dog. We use the most up to date, science based positive reinforcement methods and techniques that are extremely effective and get results. 
Wholistic Hound Academy provides a wide variety of services, so whether you need assistance with pet selection, pre-pet planning, puppy foundation training, problem solving and socialization, basic manners and life skills, advanced training, behavioral issues, we will help. We offer private in-home and in-facility lessons and group classes, workshops, and seminars for all skill levels, along with training in a number of dog sports, including agility, nose work, rally, musical freestyle, and prep classes for competition. 

Our Academy comes recommended by several area veterinarians, pet care service companies, and we are always highly recommended on the neighborhood list serves. Whether you’re just starting out with a new puppy, or ready for advanced work in competition dog sports and higher level learning, you’ll find just what you need to live a happy and better life with your canine companion. We take puppies 8 weeks and older into our classes.

Serving Alexandria, Virginia and surrounding areas in the Washington, D.C. region.  

We are now located at Wholistic Hound Academy

Wholistic Hound Academy
18 Roth Street, Suite 100
Alexandria, VA 22314

To stop by and see our facility or to obtain more information, please call us at 703-962-6335 or email us at info@wholistichound.com.

Like us on Facebook and join our ever growing email list. Just send us a note with your contact info.

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