Reopening Policies and Guidelines for Group Classes



Wholistic Hound Academy has the safety and continued good health of our clients and staff at the forefront of our preparations for the phased re-opening of our facilities. 

Posted below are our Reopening Policies and Guidelines for our Group Classes. Group class sizes will be temporarily reduced to a maximum of 8 dogs. Our main training classroom is approximately 3,000 square feet, with ample room to maintain proper social distancing. Our space is well-ventilated. Student/dog teams will be assigned a 10x10 training area, separated by barriers. 


Reopening Policies and Guidelines 

  1. All clients must wear a face mask that covers both nose & mouth. Face masks must be on when they come into the Academy and stay on throughout the class. If clients need a break from their face mask, they must step outside. At this time, clients are required to wear masks during all in-person Academy training classes.

  2. Class seating areas will be designated using barrier and tape separations at a minimum of 6 feet apart.

  3. All clients (both people & dogs) must stay at least 6 feet apart, even if they know each other. Family members can stay together.

  4. Social distancing guidelines are applicable in the parking lot as well as the training center. Please maintain good social distancing of at least 6 feet apart inside the reception/waiting area. This applies to private lessons and group classes.

  5. Clients are expected to maintain control over their dog in any group class. If the client can't maintain control over their dog without help from the instructor, they will be asked to switch to private lessons.

  6. Hand sanitizer will be readily available at the entry to the Academy’s main training room for clients to use upon arrival.

  7. The restrooms are required by law to be available, but we ask students to refrain from using them unless absolutely necessary.

  8. There will be a sign posted at the entrances to the training center. This sign will post about our required face mask policy and social distancing guidelines.


What else to bring to class:
  • A flat mat, such as a crate mat, bath mat, or a towel
  • Plenty of small tasty treats
  • Treat bag
  • One or two of your dog's favorite toys
  • A regular nylon, cotton or leather buckle collar or harness
  • 6 foot leash with nothing attached, except for your dog; no flexi or retractable leads
When you get here:
  • Arrive a little early so we can get started right away
  • Park in the adjacent parking lot, either the upper or lower level
  • Give yourself enough time to potty your pup before coming into the building on the grassy areas surrounding the parking lot.
  • Pick up after your dog and use the dumpster to dispose of your bag
  • Enter through our front entrance on Roth Street
  • Safety is our number one priority.  Wear comfortable clothes to class. Enclosed, non-slip footwear is required as you are actively moving during training exercises with your dog (NO FLIP FLOPS OR OPEN TOED SANDALS PLEASE)
Other important information:
  • Children in Class:  All family members are encouraged to attend and participate in class. For the safety of all class participants, children under the age of eight will require additional adult supervision. It is difficult to participate fully in class while monitoring the behavior of young children.
  • ​Required Vaccinations: For Puppy classes, puppies must be up-to-date for their age, with at least the first set of DHLPP shots, usually given between 6-8 weeks of age, and negative fecal test.  Because socialization is so time-sensitive, we do not usually recommend waiting to begin puppy class until the whole series of puppy shots are complete. For all other classes dogs must have the full sequence of DHLPP (usually an annual booster for adult dogs) or titers and the Rabies vaccine. Please submit vaccination records electronically if possible.
  • Payments:  *Payment is due upon registration*.  By enrolling, you are reserving a space in one of our classes. As such, there will be no refunds if the student cancels with less than 6 days’ notice prior to the start date of the enrolled class.  Please carefully consider your schedule, commitment to training, and your dog before registering for class. In order to maintain an intimate learning experience our class sizes are limited in number, so any cancellation or rescheduling leaves a vacancy which could have been filled by others. We often have a wait list for our most popular classes.
  • Refunds:  All refund requests must be made in writing & emailed to our office at       ​
  • Returned Check Fee:  Returned check fee will be charged and added to the amount due for each returned check along with any additional applicable bank fees that may have been charged.