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**Wholistic Hound is offering limited in-person classes and private lessons!**  


Wholistic Hound Academy’s training programs and services help make life with your puppy or dog easier and more fun by bringing out the best in your dog! With guidance from our knowledgeable, professional, and certified instructors, you’ll learn how to respond to your dog's good and bad behaviors so that only the behaviors that you want are the ones that get reinforced. Instead of focusing on correcting bad behaviors, we teach your dog how to make the right behavior choices. Before you know it, you’ll have a calmer, more relaxed, well-mannered canine companion who’s a real pleasure to be around!

Sharing your life with a dog should be fun and rewarding. But certain unwanted behaviors – pulling you down the street, barking at people or other dogs as they pass by, jumping on visitors, or not coming when called – can take all the joy out of it. Unfortunately, these behaviors are very normal dog behaviors and are easily self-reinforced and sometimes inadvertently reinforced because these behaviors get our attention. 

This is no time to not train your new puppy. Socialization is about helping your puppy form positive associations with new sights, sounds, smells, and experiences. We take you through the stages of your puppy’s development and offer creative solutions to safely socializing your puppy during this critical period in their lives, even during a pandemic. Whether it is in-person or live online, let us help you raise a confident and happy dog and one that’s a joy to live with! Check out our upcoming classes!





Puppy Classes

Along with the big eyes and puppy breath comes housetraining, crate training, socialization, and typical puppy behaviors like chewing, biting, and jumping. And it’s all up to you to make sure they get started on the right paw.

Adult Dog Classes

Good manners and basic life skills make living with our dogs easier, safer, and much more fun. Whether your dog is new to training, needs some refreshing, or you have a new dog, this class teaches you how to train the basics that all dogs need

Private Lessons

Do you want more personalized attention than a group class can provide? Do you need a flexible training program that works around your busy schedule? Is your dog more comfortable training in his own home? If any of these are familiar, private lessons right in the comfort and convenience of your own home or at our Academy may be just what you need. 

Agility Classes

Agility is an ultimate team sport and athletic event that requires conditioning, concentration, training and teamwork. The obstacle course includes of jumps, weaves, poles and other fun objects. It provides fun and exercise for both the dog and handler.
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Nosework Classes

Nose work is perfect for dogs of any size, age and personality.  Nose work is a fun-filled sport and training activity that was created by drug and explosives detection professionals.  It is based on our dogs' amazing sense of smell and their love of searching and hunting.
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Specialty Classes

Throughout the year the Academy offers a number of specialty classes and workshops.  These include everything from behavior and life skills to canine fitness and conditioning and educational seminars for expectant parents and families with young children.  
Parkour at Ford Ward Park




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To schedule an appointment, please call 703-962-6335 or email info@wholistichound.com


Academy Hours

Monday through Friday

11:00am to 7:00pm

Academy Address:

18 Roth Street

Alexandria, Virginia

Phone: (703) 962-6335

Email: info@wholistichound.com

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