The sport, loosely based on horse show jumping, originated in England nearly 30 years ago as half-time entertainment at the prestigious Crufts Dog Show. The demonstration proved so popular that Crufts asked the participants back, and agility was born. Today agility teams compete all across the world.

Agility is an ultimate team sport and athletic event that requires conditioning, concentration, training and teamwork. Dogs and handler must negotiate an obstacle course while racing against the clock. The obstacle course includes of jumps, weaves, poles and other fun objects. It provides fun and exercise for both the dog and handler.

You do not have to compete to enjoy agility. Taking an agility class offers numerous benefits for both your dog and you, including:

  • Confidence building – Agility is a great way to build confidence in insecure dogs. Conquering obstacles shows them life is not so scary and that they can do anything!

  • Strengthens Dog-Owner Bond – Agility requires great communication and trust between dog and handlers.

  • Exercise – Taking an agility class means getting active for both your dog and you.

  • Fun – Most important, it is cherished time that you and your dog spend enjoying an activity together!

Agility Classes

Agility and Dog Sports Foundation

For: All dogs over 10 months of age
Prerequisite: Good Dog 101, prior training with Wholistic Hound, or permission of instructor. Dogs should have the following basic foundation skills: sit, down, stay.
Length: 6 one-hour sessions (weekly)
Tuition: $250
An introduction into the basic concepts needed in agility and other sports. Impulse control, body awareness, focus and drive are some of the topics to be covered. Designed to teach dogs and handlers the foundation skills required to start agility training or a refresher for those with some agility skills who need to increase motivation, focus, and being an amazing other half of the human-dog team. The skills to be learned include:
  • Turn basic stays into solid start line stays
  • Increase handler focus so your dog chooses to stay in your game instead of visiting other handlers and dogs in class
  • Teach body and rear end awareness to help your dog learn to negotiate contact obstacles and jumps safely and efficiently
  • Build solid recalls around distractions and recalls to each side on flat (foundation for handling)
  • Develop targeting behavior to hand and object, shaping contacts and equipment performance in future agility classes
  • Increase drive and motivation with games and toys

Introductory level equipment, such as low planks, tables, wobble boards, peanuts, cavalettis, tunnels and ladders will give your dog a chance to experience different obstacles and build confidence. This class is for dogs of all ages over 10 months and teaches the skills needed to move up to focused obstacle training in the Beginner Agility Class.

Beginner Agility

For: All dogs over 10 months of age
Length: 6 one-hour sessions (weekly)
Prerequisite: Completion of Agility Foundation class or permission of instructor.
Tuition: $250
Building on foundation skills, this class will teach basic obstacle performance and handling skills and communication between dog and handler. Dogs will become proficient at producing their strong targeting behavior to the hand and target on the ground with contact equipment. Teams will be introduced to handling using one jump work, cone work, and jump grids along with continuing with exposure to other agility equipment such as tables, tires, and tunnels. Whether you want to compete or not, this is a great class to learn new skills with your dog and have lots of fun doing it!

Intermediate/Advanced Agility (Drop-in) Sessions

For: Adult Dogs
Length: 6 one-hour sessions (weekly)
Prerequisite: Advanced Beginner or permission of the instructor.
Tuition: $45 per session / 5 session package $215
Come every week or when you can! Work on contacts and weaves performance, jumping skills and short sequences of obstacles. We will start distance work and establish and build handling and skills such as front and rear crosses, and giving clear cues while on the move. Each team will advance at their own rate on nested courses. 

This is a drop-in style class where you can register for one or more sessions at a time. You can also purchase a discounted package of 5 session that you can use over an 8 week period. 
For teams who have completed advanced beginner agility or for the more advanced teams who want to improve dog and handler communication and handling skills. Either way, you will be challenged while increasing you and your dog's skills for trialing! 

Have a dog that's a joy to live with!

Registration is open for our Fall classes and workshops

Sharing your life with a dog should be fun and rewarding. But certain unwanted behaviors – pulling you down the street, barking at people or other dogs as they pass by, jumping on visitors, or not coming when called – can take all the joy out of it.  


Wholistic Hound Academy’s group classesprivate training lessons and events make life with your puppy or dog easier and more fun by bringing out the best in your dog! With guidance from our knowledgeable, professional, and certified instructors, you’ll learn how to respond to both good and bad behavior, and teach your dog to make the right behavior choices. Before you know it, you’ll have a calmer, more relaxed, well-mannered canine companion who’s a real pleasure to be around!

Puppy Classes

Along with the big eyes and puppy breath comes housetraining, crate training, socialization, and typical puppy behaviors like chewing, biting, and jumping. And it’s all up to you to make sure they get started on the right paw.

Adult Dog Classes

Good manners and basic life skills make living with our dogs easier, safer, and much more fun. Whether your dog is new to training, needs some refreshing, or you have a new dog, this class teaches you how to train the basics that all dogs need

Private Lessons

Do you want more personalized attention than a group class can provide? Do you need a flexible training program that works around your busy schedule? Is your dog more comfortable training in his own home? If any of these are familiar, private lessons right in the comfort and convenience of your own home or at our Academy may be just what you need. 

Agility Classes

Agility is an ultimate team sport and athletic event that requires conditioning, concentration, training and teamwork. The obstacle course includes of jumps, weaves, poles and other fun objects. It provides fun and exercise for both the dog and handler.

Nose Work Classes

Nose work is perfect for dogs of any size, age and personality.  Nose work is a fun-filled sport and training activity that was created by drug and explosives detection professionals.  It is based on our dogs' amazing sense of smell and their love of searching and hunting.

Specialty Classes

Throughout the year the Academy offers a number of specialty classes and workshops.  These include everything from behavior and life skills to canine fitness and conditioning and educational seminars for expectant parents and families with young children.  
Looking for a fun way to build your dog’s confidence? Want your usual walk to be more challenging and creative? Try dog parkour! Dog parkour, sometimes called “urban agility,” teaches dogs to try new things with their bodies and handlers to identify opportunities for canine enrichment. In this 4-session class, we will introduce the fundamentals of dog parkour, including training methods, safety protocols, and behavior guidelines. 

The sport of parkour is played in the everyday world -- at home, schoolyards, parks, shopping centers, training facilities, and anywhere else where there are obstacles for dogs to jump on or over, climb on, balance on, and crawl under.  Dozens of exercises utilizing such obstacles have been devised by the two canine parkour titling bodies, and handlers can use their imagination to create new exercises. 

Parkour is a great way to develop a dog’s confidence, ability to ignore distractions and to generalize  behaviors, and for the trainer to learn how to teach new skills to their dog – and just plain have fun!  The following link shows a sample submission to one of the titling bodies, shot at our local Ft. Ward Park.
Prerequisite:  Good Dog 101 or prior foundation skills class, or permission of the instructor.  Dogs should be reasonably comfortable working in the presence of other dogs, with or without barriers.




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